Surface / promocija projekta

    Surface project of creativity awareness and re-use for environmentally responsible society

    2018-10-os-GustavSilihCooperation with the Gustav Šilje Elementary School Maribor as part of the public  annual event Together in autumn, the 4th anniversary

    The main purpose of the event was that children, parents, grandparents and other relatives and friends of local community ("neighbors", elderly people from the elderly ...) and employees meet and connect.
    We try to promote the movement with the event, offer locally produced and seasoned meals and several workshops run by employees and external participants.
    As the head of school, Milojka Sevšek, said this year, the focus was on protecting the environment. At the workshop,  CPU promoters and participating children (within the SURFACE project)  made bags for carrying fruit and vegetables from old curtains, as the use of plastic disposable bags will be banned , as of January 2019.
    The Surface project under the Interreg Central Europe program plays an important role in raising awareness and establishing a "smart reuse of the park". It is a concept of an integrated design for  alternative solutions that the society  needs for less waste, lower resource consumption, greater possibilities for creative cooperation in repairs and production of products at the local level. Today's consumerism does not offer  this kind of orientation, therefore, with the SURFACE project, we are building a model for happier society that will protect nature, health, people and future generations, in general. The SURFACE project means a positive step towards  beetter future for our children who have enthusiastically participated in workshops.

    Practical workshops to understand resource constraints and the importance of re-use

    In the case of sustainable development, which requires a balance between economic, social and environmental objectives, the broadest public participation is of key importance. However, it is necessary to provide objective information and raise general environmental awareness in order to understand environmental and development decisions. Individuals or groups of people will build reactions to negative phenomena in the environment on his perception, which does not always correspond to the objective state, but is modified by various factors, including access to information and public participation in decision-making. Therefore, it is very important to promote experience –based environmental awareness  for our future generations.



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