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    Smart Urban Reuse Flagship Alliances in Central Europe

    Projekt je sofinanciran okviru INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE na tretji prioriteti »Natural and cultur resources«. Skupna vrednost projekta: 2.168.025 EUR.

    VODILNI PARTNER: Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol, Austria
    Partner v projektu SURFACE: Center ponovne uporabe
    Pridruženi partner: MOL Ljubljana


    1. Waste Management Association Mid-Tyrol, LP, ATM
    2. BAN Social Enterprise Ltd / withdrawn, PP, BAN
    3. REUSE center, PP, CPU
    4. Province of Rimini, PP, PoR
    5. Insieme Social Enterprise, PP, INSIEME
    6. ZAK Wastemanagement GmbH, PP, ZAK
    7. Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship, PP, K-PV
    8. Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, PP, BZN
    9. ACT group , PP, AG
    10. Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises, PP, RREUSE
    11. IURS -Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements, PP, IURS


    1. City of Graz – Department of Environmental Protection
    2. Municipality Ljubljana
    3. Municipality of Vicenza
    4. City of Kempten
    5. Europa Kujaw i Pomorza Association
    6. Humana nova Zagreb, Social cooperative
    7. City of Zagreb
    8. Association of municipalities in Catchment Basin Stonavka
    10. ÉMRHK Nonprofit Ltd.


    Large volumes of waste and waste water, poor air and water quality, high levels of ambient noise, lack of integrated environmental management are relevant issues in any functional urban area. Reuse is a highly relevant approach to tackle them. Despite recent improvements at transnational level there is still a highly fragmented decision making landscape in this field.  SURFACE aims to improve environmental
    management and quality of life in functional urban areas through the establishment of multi-stakeholder based Smart Re-Use Parks.
    The project aims to establish harmonised and evidence-based decision making in the field of waste prevention and reuse where:

    • reuse & waste prevention options become integrated options of environmental management strategies & action plans,
    • urban decision makers can share decisions,
    • multi-stakeholder cooperation schemes and Smart ReUse Parks action plans can be shared and used,
    • tested & validated pilots can be studied,
    • an increased set of immediately usable instruments can be adopted through twinning training schemes.

    Skupna vrednost projekta:


    CPU d.o.o., SO.P.

    Vrazova 9
    2270 Ormož
    Tel.: +386 31 689 920,